Dedicated to classical yoga in its purest form and to the holistic well being of self, humanity and Mother Earth. Yoga is a way of life that brings enlightenment. For the common man, it provides respite from the daily stresses and bounds of life and helps them live to their full potential. abhyas or abhyasah is an effort to attain peace by doing sadhana or persistant practice of yoga

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Barre3 Danville

Barre3 is a full body balanced workout combining strength conditioning, cardio and mindfulness.  Our class is designed to help you increase strength, reduce stress, improve balance, and build a mind-body connection. 

Our team of instructors empower you to make each class your own by offering modification options for every move—allowing people of every fitness level to create sustainable change from the inside out.

The transformative power of our workout is more than physical—and extends far beyond the studio. Barre3 isn’t just about the hour you spend strengthening and balancing your body; it’s about the empowerment you carry with you the rest of the day.

Our approach to fitness is quite different than that of the industry as a whole, for us – it’s not all about how you LOOK, more importantly it’s how you FEEL!  At the end of class our goal is to have you feeling more balanced in body and empowered from within so you can rock the rest of your day!

We offer daily livestream classes in a 45 and 60 minute format.  These classes are offered via zoom, are all recorded and are then available via OnDemand for 24 hours.  We all have funky schedules right now, so offering OnDemand allows for our community to take class whenever it works for them. 

In addition to livestream we started offering outdoor classes back in the beginning of June and secured a great location that allows for proper social distancing, plenty of parking and a beautiful grassy area.  All outdoor classes are 45 minutes long, clients bring a yoga mat and their own props (all of which are optional) – and we take care of the rest.  

To find out more about our class, our community or to see our schedule please visit our website and find us on social media!

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