Nes Pinar Psychotherapy

I help people who long to feel content but feel suffocated at times. I guide them to feel more confident and mindful, so they can start living the life they want, instead of looking back all the time or fearing what’s ahead. Due to my experience & special interest in these areas, I am enthusiastic to work with people going through the following issues: Depression/Anxiety/Self-Esteem/Growing up with emotionally absent parents/Cultural differences/Parenting/Intimate Relationships/Life Transitions.

I have a counseling degree from California State University of East Bay and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT94911) with years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults through a variety of treatment modalities around a vast number of issues.

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At Fair Chance for Special Needs, we have realized that there is a serious need for a social enrichment extracurricular program for students with special needs. Most typically growing children are involved in multiple extracurricular activities after school. Our students with special do not have access to those opportunities. Our goal is to provide opportunities and give a fair chance to all students with special needs through our program.


We serve students with the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder/ADHD/ADD/learning disability/Asperger Syndrome/Emotional Disturbance/Mental Health  Shirin is the Founder and Director at Fair Chance for Special Needs. 


Fair Chance for Special Needs program is designed and run by highly qualified and trained professionals in the field of special education. We work on Social and Communication skills, Self-Advocacy and Good Decision-Making skills, Sports and Recreational activities, Arts and Crafts, Music and Dance, Computer and Technology, Cooking and Culinary Arts. Our unique curriculum was developed by special educators with years of experience and expertise and knowledge in the field. 


With the Fair Chance for Special Needs program, parents will not be forced to pick their students up right after school. They will have the convenience to work and maintain full-time jobs. Students will continue to learn and be challenged in an enriching environment as opposed to watching TV or playing video games all evening – activities linked to shorter attention spans.


We have collaborated with San Ramon Valley Unified and Dublin Unified School Districts and offer our programs on campus and serve the middle school, high school, and transition-age special needs students in the Tri-valley area.

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Inner Sanctuary Wellness

Inner Sanctuary Wellness offers transformative solutions to reclaim peace to live a healthier, stress free life and help you embody the greatest version of yourself through Meditation, Energy Healing, Mindfulness, Reiki, BARS and other Wellness modalities.  Reiki and Meditation/Mindfulness, Corporate Wellness Classes & Sessions available for all ages. Monica is a Reiki Master and her experience includes working with Individuals with different needs, Cancer, anxiety and insomnia.

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