About TriValley WEB


TriValley WEB (Womxn Empowered Businesses) is a free online membership directory and community to bring visibility to local, womxn-owned small businesses and help build socio-economic equity. The Tri-Valley region encompasses the cities of Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and San Ramon, the town of Danville and the CDPs (census-designated places) of Alamo, Blackhawk and Diablo. TriValley WEB was founded by Rewire Community in 2019 and is 100% funded by the eBay Foundation and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.


This e-platform is hosted and managed by Rewire Community, a local non-profit based in San Ramon. This e-platform is made possible by a community grant from the eBay Foundation and Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Rewire Community is also grateful to the many eBay volunteers who have put in over 500+ hours of volunteer work to design and launch this e-platform from scratch and to the eBay leadership for their collaboration and support in acquiring this grant for such critical community work. Gratitude also to the volunteer members of Rewire Community who have helped test and plan the project from its very inception.


Special thanks to: Lakshimi Duraivenkatesh, Saral Sukumar Jeyseelan, Neetu Kul, Meera Honde, Sridevi Sundar, Ramya , Tapo Munshi, Ramya Addanki, Zachary Graham, Ramya Addanki, Ramin Ebrahimi, Zachary Graham, Urvashi Shrivastava and Drew Moore


TriValleyWEB Executive Team


Silvia Young joined Rewire Community in 2020 in the role of Director of Marketing. She oversees the communications strategy for TriValley WEB. Her expertise includes 20+ years guiding non-profit, social justice and electoral clients.

Young is also a world renowned author and activist in intersectional feminism, children’s rights and womxn’s health. She is committed to ensuring tangible paths to equity, education and financial independence.

Founder of FemTruth, a multi-faceted initiative including curriculum and ACEs (adverse childhood experiences), Young helps to elevate youth voices and activism through speaking engagements, workshops and coalition building.


Aishwarya Koneru brings a pragmatic approach to professional development and financial literacy. As TriValley WEB’s Community Education Director, her mission is to help business owners overcome limiting beliefs, find balance, and strive for personal success.

Aishwarya’s passion for creative thinking, learning and investing is amplified in her local community. She is the Founder and Director of Aloha Mind Math -Tri Valley a learning and enrichment center, where she inspires and validates young minds especially girls to embrace math. She is also a trusted and award winning Realtor helping and advising clients with property investments throughout the Bay Area.

With a background in Computer Engineering, Aishwarya continues to break gender norms while sharing her experience in financial independence and pathways to equity.


Shailaja Dixit, co-founder and Executive Director of Rewire Community is a visionary, building circles of community and connection for womxn because “it’s the heart of our power”. She comes from a long line of pathbreaking matriarchs and draws on her ancestral legacy to fuel her work with Rewire Community.

In 2012, Rewire Community began as a volunteer group, and within five years, 2017, it was registered as a nonprofit and an integral, community staple. Programs range from survivor relief funds to women’s empowerment groups to youth advocacy groups to community outreaches using theater and arts, to connecting agencies and resources with vulnerable populations.

In 2020 Rewire Community officially launched another community offering, TriValley WEB (Womxn Empowered Businesses), a free online membership directory and community to bring visibility to local, women-owned businesses and help build socio-economic equity, and with that, another vision was realized.

Dixit, with a personal mission to engage and elevate, is also a domestic violence counselor, a podcast host, a social justice advocate and a champion for inclusive and progressive causes.


Yamini Dixit, co-founder and Board President of Rewire Community is a fierce advocate for gender and climate justice, and brings this passion and expertise to TriValley WEB (Womxn Empowered Businesses).

Being a competitive basketball player throughout her youth, Dixit found a love for the rhythm of teamwork and building collaborations, which translated to a career in operations. Through her many journeys, whether with her family, education, or love, Dixit’s experiences introduced her to a larger world, and reaffirmed the importance and impact of socio-environmental responsibility in creating inclusive communities. It’s through these lenses, her contributions blossom both with Rewire Community and in her work as Director of Global Responsibility and Sustainability with a multinational company, as she initiates dialogue and action around equality, human rights and climate justice, the nexus of her environmental and social advocacy.

Dixit, always ready to jump in where she sees need, is also a certified domestic violence counselor, and continues to seek ways to create open and empathic spaces for gender equity and justice.


Roohi Agarwal, co-founder and Board Member, directs Rewire Community’s technology integration, finance and operations. Along with a background in engineering and information technology, she is a passionate advocate for womxn’s empowerment.

A calling to help financially oppressed womxn harness professional fulfillment fuels Agarwal’s commitment to TriValley WEB. She gently guides from traditional gender norms of financial abuse or dependence, to the freedom of independent financial security. Believing home management skills can translate to business management, Agarwal’s passion is encouraging womxn to leverage their talents into businesses using technology and scalability – a model she champions.

Always ready to help others live to their potential, Agarwal is a trained Kathak dancer and shares this artform to advocate for progressive change through expressive movement and music. She believes exploring and expressing themes of injustice, courage, trauma, and joy, ultimately helps build personal self-esteem and brings organic, grassroots change.


Sindhoori Kalavacharla is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. She joined the TriValleyWEB team in 2020 as a marketing and media coordinator where she creates content and publicizes TVWEB events on all our social media platforms. Sindhoori has a strong passion for both business marketing/social media and dance. Her experience includes:

-Co-founder of She Helps Her, a high schooler run nonprofit organization dedicated to helping girls and women get access to health education/material and raising awareness about various women’s health issues
-A youth lead for FemTruth Youth where youth speak out about curriculum and culture, and reimagining body-literacy education
-A Co-founder of a small handmade jewelry company named Lopjewelry
-A Sales Associate and Founding member of Reusii, a Junior Achievement Company fighting plastic waste
-An ambassador for both GenerationShe and LadkiLove!

On her dance side, she has been practicing Bharatanatyam (a form of Indian classical dance) for more than 11 years, has performed all over the bay area, and completed her Arangetram (solo debut) in 2019. She is also the Vice President and a founding member of the Ethnic dance club in her school. Sindhoori combines her love for dance and social media marketing by being a member of the Youth Wing as the Head of Tech and Marketing for Namaha Foundation for the Arts a nonprofit that works towards bringing artists from all genres and cultures together!

Megha Sharma

With a background in education, human resources, project management, and social justice, Megha Sharma Narang joined the TriValley WEB team in February of 2021, as Membership Outreach & Operations Manager. Megha brings rich leadership expertise from her volunteering work with community organizations like the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the Regional Indio American Community Center (RIACC), and Toastmasters. 

Megha is also the Community Resource Coordinator for  Rewire Community,  and co leads the  Rewire Survivor Care-Kits initiative started in March 2020, to assist domestic violence and sexual assault service agencies across the Bay Area with meaningful donations, during the Covid19 pandemic. Megha loves Indian Folk Dance and often uses this storytelling art as a form of expression, healing, and connection both to self and the community of women throughout the Tri-Valley area, her home of more than ten years.

Megha believes compassion & grace are the cornerstones of our lives. Serving & supporting those in need & empowering everyone around her, is her passion. She believe there is potential within everyone, but sometimes life experiences can blur our ability to see them. With the right support, everyone can flourish, which is why she builds community in all that she does.

TriValley WEB Advisory Team

Lakshimi Duraivenkatesh


Lakshimi Duraivenkatesh, a TriValley WEB supporter since the beginning, and an integral ally in grant funding and initial project development, joins the team officially in the role of Advisor.

Duraivenkatesh is an experienced leader with broad experience in all aspects of engineering and product management. She has strong experience in ecommerce, search, consumer experience and monetization.

Passionate about the potential of entrepreneurial growth and technology integration, Duraivenkatesh is the Vice President of Buyer Experience Engineering at eBay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TriValley WEB?
TriValley WEB (Womxn Empowered Businesses) is a free online membership directory and community to bring visibility to local, womxn-owned businesses and help build socio-economic equity.
What is the “X” in womxn?
Womxn (n.) - The term womxn is an alternative term for the English language word women which has been regularly in use since 2015 to explicitly include transgender women and women of color.
Where is TriValley?
The Tri-Valley region encompasses the cities of Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and San Ramon, the town of Danville and the CDPs (census designated places) of Alamo, Blackhawk and Diablo
Who runs the TriValley WEB site and programs?
TriValley WEB was founded by Rewire Community in 2019, and is 100% funded by the eBay Foundation and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.
Who can be a member?
The TriValley WEB is an inclusive platform promoting womxn-owned, small businesses of twenty-five or less employees, full- and part-time, operating in the Tri-Valley area.
What is the value to members?
* Be listed in our member directory,  available in public searches. * Be able to showcase business events and promotions. * Access business development classes. * Access networking roundtable events. * Be part of an active local business community. * Have an opportunity to give back to your local community.
How do I register my business?
TriValley WEB offers a user-friendly, self-registry. If you have any questions in registering your business please email trivalleywebadmin@rewirecommunity.org
How do I attend events during Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place?
All events are on Zoom. Please RSVP for Roundtables and Workshops on respective pages in links above.
I don’t know how to use Zoom. Can anyone help me?
Yes! Zoom is now standard practice, we are happy to help you get up and running so you can participate with our events and others.
How do you select your speakers?
TriValley WEB prioritized expertise and referrals within our membership first to accommodate the topics our members request as priorities. If you would like to be a speaker please email trivalleywebadmin@rewirecommunity.org.
I’ve never done a Roundtable before, do I have to share my experience or can I just listen?
Although TriValley WEB encourages all roundtable participants to engage in conversation, we respect our members and will meet them where they are. If you have any questions about Roundtable please email trivalleywebadmin@rewirecommunity.org
I added my business to the directory, now I want to add a flash sale to my promotion calendar, are there guidelines and rules?
Congratulations on joining the TriValley WEB membership, you can find member promotions rules and guidelines here (hyperlink)